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Well Water Testing

As a private well owner, you are responsible for regularly testing your well water.

Sample kits are available for free at the Kandiyohi SWCD office.  Instructions included with each kit enable you to collect your own sample from home; a fee schedule can be found in the test kit. 

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recommends:

  • Coliform Bacteria (every year)
  • Nitrate (every other year)
  • Arsenic (at least once)
  • Lead (at least once)
  • Manganese (before a baby drinks the water)

Minnesota Department of Health recommends: 

Inspect your well regularly.

  • Damage: Any cracks or holes in well casing, corrosion, loose wires, or soil settling?
  • Well cap: Is it securely attached to the well casing? Is it broken or missing?
  • Connections: Are the electrical conduit and other connections watertight?

Protect your well.

Do these things:
  • Keep top of well at least 1-foot above ground.
  • Keep well area clear of debris.
  • Maintain minimum isolation distances from contamination sources.
  • Mark your well with flags or posts to protect it from being hit by vehicles or machinery.
  • Take precautions before and after floods.

Do NOT do these things:

  • Allow water to pond around your well.
  • Use, store, or dispose of potential pollutants (such as animal wastes, fertilizers, pesticides, or hazardous chemicals) near your well.
  • Tie animals to your well.
  • Dispose of waste in unused wells.

Seal unused wells.
For more information about sealing your unused well, click on the link below!

Kandiyohi SWCD shares costs of sealing unused wells - contact us for more

A well that you no longer use (unused well) can be a pathway for contaminants to get into groundwater and is a safety hazard. You are responsible for getting unused wells on your property sealed. Only a licensed well contractor can legally seal wells.

Contact a licensed well contractor if your well needs to be repaired or sealed.

For more information click on the link below: 
Accredited Labs in Minnesota Accepting Drinking Water Samples from Private Well Users (

Well Management Section - Minnesota Department of Health 
651-201-4600 or 800-383-9808