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The Riparian Protection and Water Quality Legislation (also known as the Buffer Law) was mandated in 2016 by Minnesota Statute 103F in order to improve our water quality. Under this law, landowners are required to place a strip of perennial vegetation along public water ways and county ditches. The width requirements are 30-foot minimum, 50-foot average along public water ways such as lakes, rivers, ponds, sloughs and streams. A width requirement for county ditches is 16.5 feet. These buffers are created to prevent phosphorus and sediment run off before entering our water.
The Kandiyohi SWCD is here to assist you with making your land meet the requirements for the buffer law. We will be glad to discuss alternative practices and find the best options for your property. We will provide technical assistance and updated knowledge of the buffer law.

  1. If you have seeded your buffer or you are already compliant with the buffer law, please notify us so we can update this information in our records.
  2.  MN Buffer Law compliance is the landowner’s responsibility, so if you are uncertain whether your land meets the compliance requirements, please contact the Kandiyohi SWCD so we can assist you.
  3. County Ditches have a later compliance date of November 1st, 2018. Contact us so we can create a compliance plan for you.
  4.  Alternative options are available, and the Kandiyohi SWCD would be glad to assist you in deciding what the best option for your land is in meeting the requirements of the buffer law.
  5. The first compliance date for buffers on public waters was passed on November 1st, 2017, however it is NOT too late to get assistance and become compliant with the requirements of this law. If you have public waters on your property and have not been in contact with the SWCD, please notify us so we can help you become compliant. 
  6. What to Plant on your Buffer: Any perennial vegetation is acceptable, but make sure you avoid invasive species. Hay & alfalfa are acceptable, native grass and flowers are highly suggested for bettering our wildlife and pollinator habitat.
**Thank you everyone for working with the SWCD to implement the MN Buffer Law in Kandiyohi County. We appreciate your kindness as you work with us.

For more information of Buffer enforcement:

For more information: Minnesota Buffer Law | MN Board of Water, Soil Resources (