Post’s Selected as 2018 Kandiyohi Soil and Water Conservation District Outstanding Conservationists
The Kandiyohi Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) announce Randy and Dawne Post of rural Prinsburg as the recipients of the 2018 Kandiyohi SWCD Outstanding Conservationist Award.  Randy and Dawne farm and reside along the Chetomba Creek north of Prinsburg on the farm Randy grew up on.   The Posts were selected as Outstanding Conservationists for the variety and number of conservation practices they have installed and maintain on their farm where they raise corn and soybeans.

Conservation seems to come naturally to Randy, his patchwork of grassland areas marks places that once were row crop but now support butterflies, pheasants, and other critters.   Beginning many years ago, Randy started reclaiming small areas that he describes as “odd areas to farm” to grasslands patches now totaling several acres.   While others were busy removing fence rows, he also chose to plant several miles of Green Ash trees and Dogwood shrubs on their windward field edges to act as windbreaks to combat soil erosion on their crop fields.  Randy also notices and enjoys the habitat and wildlife travel corridors the windbreaks provide.
Another way the Posts are helping to improve their croplands by using minimal tillage practices after fall harvest to improve soils health and to help ensure the soil protected from wind and water erosion.   Randy doesn’t mind being unique or unconventional with his farming methods for his area.   Instead of using chemicals to control weeds, he prefers to use a rotary hoe to remove yield robbing weeds from their fields because it saves cost and because Randy say’s “it just makes good sense for future generations”.

The Posts also maintain permanent native grass buffer strips along the Chetomba Creek and have buffers on all their other drainages.   In 2001 the Posts enrolled 75 acres of marginal farmland adjacent to Chetomba Creek into the MN River CREP that was prone to frequent flooding.   The result of Randy’s determined efforts to restore this 20 plus acre wetland (photo 2) shown in background is remarkable.   A literal oasis in an otherwise vastly drained exclusive row cropped landscape.  The Post wetland is the only permanent open water type wetland in a Township that was historically dotted with shallow lakes and wetlands.  The restored wetland and prairie uplands provide water quality treatment for some of the adjacent croplands and provide flood water storage for the Chetomba Creek, a major tributary to the impaired waters of the Hawk Creek and Minnesota River.   

Randy and Dawne will be formally recognized at the at the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (MASWCD) Annual Convention in Bloomington MN awards ceremony on December 11, 2018. Congratulations and thank you, Randy and Dawne Post for being the 2018 Kandiyohi SWCD Outstanding Conservationists!


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